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All You Need to Know About Vacuum Trucks

The importance of vacuum trucks cannot be gainsaid. These trucks ensure that we live in a friendly, clean and waste-free environment. People will definitely require the services of this truck to either clean up a drainage system that is clogged or an establishment like a restaurant that requires emptying of the grease drain trap.

Many consumers are interested to know the exact services offered by these trucks, what they really do and if they need their services.

Here is what you need to consider before using the services of a vacuum truck.

Manufacturers-GMC and Ford are the market leaders when it comes to the manufacture of vacuum trucks. Other makes are also available from different commercial manufacturers. Before using or purchasing any of these trucks, it is vital to know the manufacturers. It won’t take a lot of your time to do a review the track record of the manufacturer as they are quite few.

Capacity-The two areas to check the capacity of the truth is the tank capacity as well as the axles carrying weight capacity.

Number of axles –The tank size to be carried and the materials contained in the tank will determine the number of axles in the vacuum truck. For industrial use extra axles will be required.

Categories of Vacuum System

The vacuum system forms one of the main components of these vehicles designed to achieve certain jobs. The key components of this system include the tank, pump, hose and the operating system.

The trucks are classified according to their function as explained below.

Liquid & dry materials usage –The system used in this vacuum truck is perfect for regular cleaning as well as clean up of both dry and wet materials. The trucks are specially designed to handle liquids, solids and toxic waste materials.

Liquid Only – This truck is specifically designed to suck liquids that range from toxic liquid and chemical waste liquid.

High Velocity-Is specially designed to those areas that are not easily accessible. It has the ability to suck both toxic and non-toxic materials.

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Cool Site for Used Trucks

Hey guys, I was looking for truck sites and stumbled on this site, check it out

Looks like they have some cool stuff to offer!

How to Go About Choosing a Used Dump Truck

Acquiring used dump trucks should be easy with the right details as well as the satisfaction you may have from getting one knowing these tips and learning particular Department of transportation specifications, it is possible to make initial steps at this time.

First consider why you want the truck. Be sure of this by making a list of issues you expect of your dump truck you will buy. Also make up your mind on the maximum and minimum selling price you are prepared to pay for a quality used truck.

Knowing what specifications have been set by local authorities relating to non commercial or commercial dump trucks, will enable you to be better ready if, as an example, you happen to be carrying a load on the vehicle and an officer has to inspect it for one reason or another. An industrial or non commercial truck  things, but they also both require you to understand DOT specifications and also to be confident with your choices. Keeping in mind the price, conditions of the vehicle, inspecting it directly and not in online photographs, can help make sure you made the ideal purchase decision.

According to the work which the dump truck should hold along with the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating, the appropriate bed needs to be chosen. Beds will differ by material which impacts its weight, strength, dump style, and mechanism to mention a few. Although heavy-duty units, they might be damaged if used outside the suggested rating for the bed along with the vehicle in general.

Before investing a large amount of money for one of such vehicles, fleet purchasers need to carefully consider precise organization needs with this vehicle Most of the time, it may be necessary to speak with any crew members who could be using the vehicle to have their input. It would easily be possible for them to demonstrate the various feature requirements in accordance with the work that’s typically done. By compiling a list of wants and needs, the size and kind of truck that will be most appropriate and offer the best use might be identified.

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Vacuum Truck Video

Hey there folks! What a week!  But it’s Firday! I worked with these folks – Central Truck Sales – today and they were awesome to say the least.

Here’s a video they just showed be – pretty damned cool!

All New Epoch Automotive Blog!

Howdy and welcome to the all new Epoch Automotive Blog! I’ve been around trucks most of my life and thought I would start writing about them. I’m sure nobody will find this – but in case you do, thank you very much for visiting!

Here’s a little humor for you from the bucket trucks industry: