The Different Types of Dump Trucks for Your Business

Nowadays, most business and industries need its own transportation vehicle to handle and deliver its goods and products from one place to another. This includes cargo businesses, construction and engineering businesses, maintenance businesses such as garbage collecting or hauling, among others. The primary mode of transportation such businesses need is dump trucks. It is type of vehicle used for carrying and transporting heavy materials such as gravel and sand. This type of vehicle is equipped with a hydraulic operation. The main purpose of the hydraulic operation is to lift the front part of the vehicle to allow balance despite the heavy loads or materials stocked at the back of the truck.

Dump trucks come in different types according to use. One is the standard type – its dump body is attached to the main frame of the truck. It has one from axle and contains one or more rear axles. Axles transmit torque to the wheel and bear the weight of any cargo. Also, it is used to maintain the position of the wheels relative to each other and to the vehicle body. Two of the most common standard types are the six wheeler and ten wheeler trucks which contain two powered rear axle. Another type is the articulated type. It can be easily differentiated from other trucks due to its hinge located between the cab and the dump box. This type of truck is also made for rough land areas.

Transfer dump trucks are standard type which pull a separate trailer that can be loaded with heavy construction materials such as sand, asphalt and wood chips. There is also the truck and pup dump truck which is capable of self-unloading. It has a hydraulic ram which is a mechanical device that provides power through linear movement. These are the types that dealers highly recommend for businesses that need a vehicle for carrying heavy cargo. Other commercial trucks dealers offer include super dump trucks and off road dump trucks. The super type is capable of carrying 26 tons or more and have a trailing of 11 to 13 feet behind the rear tandem. While the off-road type is typically used for heavy dirt hauling jobs. Choosing the right truck for your business can help you save a lot of money in transportation and gain you more profit. In buying the right one, it is very important that you select the best type for the launching function that you will be doing, so if you are interested finding other types of dump trucks you can read more here.